Home Security

Experts in Home Security

Our team of fully trained certified engineers carry out all work to exacting standards. We only use cutting edge hardware, state of the art image processing and products that offer super high reliability, such as Hikvision to ensure that once installed your equipment is as reliable as possible providing great peace of mind.

Hikvision’s industry leading ColorVu technology captures high quality, full colour video 24/7 so your security staff can protect people and property at night with the same sharp images you would get during the day.


Domestic CCTV Solutions

Our residential CCTV cameras work with anything from apartments to family homes and any other residential buildings. These types of buildings often have several low light areas that can be difficult to monitor, so the cameras provide a much safer environment for residents and provide them with peace of mind.

All of our systems can be accessed remotely by us ensuring that issues are dealt with in the most efficient way possible.

Domestic Alarm Solutions

Choose from a wired or wireless alarm system based on the infrastructures and budget available. Include within that a variety of detectors and other accessories and you’ll have the complete system to protect your home and garden.

Our alarm systems not only focus on home security, but we can also provide smoke alarms, water leak detection, or displacement detection.

We can provide anything from a basic entry level system right up to a full package to protect you for all eventualities.

Entry and Access Solutions

You can now check who’s at your front door before you even get out of your chair!

We offer several solutions to enable a convenient and efficient way to verify your caller with the option of remote operation if using the mobile app.

The video intercom systems can also be integrated with your alarm and CCTV systems for even more security and control.